RIB-Boat to vinga lighthouse with sealsafari from city / Kungsportsbron

The classic and mythical lighthouse in the Gothenburg archipelago.

We take you and your group out to Vinga, the classic, historical lighthouse in Gothenburgs archipelago, where you can stroll across the Island to visit the lighthouse and Taube museum. We can also expect to see some seals on our way out. Without stress we will arrive back in down town Gothenburg in only three hours.

Welcome to join a 3-hour trip with our ribs. Please, bring a picnic!

3 hour trip: Departure kl 10:00

09:45 Gathering at Kungsportsbron

10:00 Departure Göteborg were we go by the canals and out to the southern archipelago, Brännö brygga, Styrsö, Känsö, Donsö et.c

11:00 Arrival at Vinga hamn with possibility to have a picnic, go up to the lighthouse

12:00 Departure back to Göteborg, going past Älvsborgsfästning

13:00 Arrival Kungsportsbron.